Ten Rules of Potty Training

Published on Sunday, January 3, 2010 by admin

Set a routine and stick to it. Feed, exercise, play, and sleep at exactly the same time everyday. Dogs respond to routines and set schedules.

Feed a single diet during house training and don’t vary your dog’s diet until your dog is reliable in the house. Digestive upsets can lengthen the training process.

Take your dog or puppy out periodically throughout the day and as soon as your dog has finished a meal, ten minutes after drinking, after each play session, as soon as the dog wakes up from a nap.

Take the dog or puppy to the exact potty area. Praise for good potties in appropriate places.

Never discipline for an accident unless you catch the dog or pup in the act. Pick puppies up, taking them straight outside to the potty area where you put them down. Take adult dogs by the collar and rush them out to the potty area. Praise the dog for even standing in the potty area.

Never return a dog to the scene of the accident. No matter how much you scold, yell, or act upset, your dog will NOT understand why you’re angry. Their guilty looks are only a response to your demeanor.

Never let a dog see you clean up messes. Crate the dog or place it in a different room and then clean up.

Always use or white vinegar and water with baking soda or products made to remove urine to clean up messes. Using other products leaves scent behind and may encourage the dog to use the same spot again.

Remember that any accident is your fault. Your dog cannot open the door and may not have learned to ask. Be on your toes to prevent accidents.

PRAISE and REWARD good behavior. Ignore accidents unless caught in the act.

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