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Many dogs entering our program have come from uncertain or abusive situations and, consequently, have some shyness issues. Under-socialized dogs are often shy. The key to overcoming shyness is socialization–exposure to a variety of people and situations-in a positive fashion. It is important though, not to over stimulate a shy dog as often it can lead to severe behavioral problems and fear biting. Below are a few hints you and the people your dog meets can use to help your dog overcome shyness:

  • avoid use of force.
  • initially, eliminate stressful stimulus.
  • avoid face to face confrontations.
  • If your dog does trust someone, use that person to build the dog’s trust in other people; if the object of the dog’s trust trusts some other person, then the dog may also place its trust in this person. Have the person your dog trusts shake the new person’s hand and smile and chat with the new person while neither person focuses on the dog at all.
  • If you need to take the leash of an untrusting dog, always have the trusted person put the leash on the dog and hand the leash to you. The dog will recognize that transfer and it will help build trust.
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