Rottweiler temperament and working ability

Published on Sunday, January 3, 2010 by admin

Temperament and Working Ability
The Rottweiler’s nature makes it agreeable and trainable, suitable for livestock herding, search and rescue, assistance and therapy, and performance and conformation rings. The Rottweiler’s inherent ability makes the powerful, intelligent dog suitable for work in army and police forces. The breed’s calmness makes the Rottweiler an outstanding family companion.

NERR&R places dogs into homes we believe will uphold the standards that are imperative to owning a Rottweiler. If you are reading this document, it is likely you have been deemed a qualified, responsible owner. It is your job to live up to that title. It is our job to show you how.

NERR&R evaluates all dogs in our program for placeability, temperament, and ability to be rehomed. NERR&R does not take dogs into our program with aggression/bite histories–to either people or other animals–or dogs that have been used for purposes of guarding or fighting. Nor does NERR&R “rehabilitate” dogs. All our dogs have been selected because of their social and training abilities and because of their behavior with animals, people, and ability to handle stressful situations.

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