Rottweiler and children

Published on Sunday, January 3, 2010 by admin

Rottweilers and Children
There are limits and rules when keeping pets and children in the same home. We say “pets” because rules apply to all pets, not just Rottweilers. You need not be more vigilant with a Rottweiler than with a hamster.

The first rule: Never set the pet or the child up to fail. Given the opportunity, both will disappoint you, and it will be your fault because you set them up. Children are curious beings and in their explorations, may come to harm at the teeth, nails, or weight of the family pet. They may also cause unintentional harm to the family pet. Pets interpret actions of children differently than do humans and it is unfair to ask a pet to “reason” right from wrong. Some animals are completely incapable of this kind of reasoning. Others are moderately endowed with the capacity to reason. But NONE can reason to the extent humans often believe their pets are capable of doing.

Set rules and standards that prevent bad things from happening. Kids keep their toys in their rooms; they use “walking feet” in the house. They eat at the table or the dogs are isolated until clean up is completed. When the dogs and kids are outside, they are never left unsupervised, not even for a minute.

Remember this: Kids and pets should not be left alone. Doing so ensures there will never be any question of what happened, and everyone will play nicely if the REAL alpha is around. It is not a case of mistrusting pets or mistrusting children; the issue is Why put either of them in a position to disappoint you?

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