Jumping Up

Published on Sunday, January 3, 2010 by admin

A dog who jumps up on people is one that is out of control. This dog is a threat to people’s safety, particularly where children and the elderly are concerned. Dogs jump for a couple of reasons. The first is a joyful greeting jump. The focus of the jump is to gain access to the person’s face. Dogs learn to identify people by their breath as well as their body odor. Dogs also associate human communication with our faces, thus dogs jump up to be near our faces for greetings.

When your dog greets a stranger, have him sit for attention, then ask the stranger to bend down to interact with your dog. Your dog receives no attention until he or she is sitting quietly–no vocal greeting, no eye contact, no petting, no acknowledgement of his or her dog’s presence. The stranger rewards your dog by greeting him or her when your dog is sitting quietly and calmly.

If your dog is a chronic jumper and will not sit appropriately, then other measures to ensure people’s safety are needed while you work on your dog’s sit stay. Until the behavior is under control, introduce your dog to people on lead wearing his or her training collar. Your dog is allowed to approach for the greeting and is asked to sit. If your dog jumps, give a strong correction and say “OFF!” at the same time. Place the dog in a sit and reward for the sit, even if the sit is only a couple of seconds long. If you consistently only reward for the sit, your dog will eventually get the idea.

If your Rottweiler is jumping on you in greeting, an extended arm with the palm out in the traditional “stop” position accompanied by a good firm “stop” command usually halts even totally untrained dogs in their tracks. Follow that by a “goooood dog” and then walk past your dog. After your dog settles down, then you can greet your dog. If your dog persists and refuses to OFF or SIT, you may need to use more forceful means to prevent an injury. At the same time your dog launches him or herself for the jump, raise your knee to a height where it will catch your dog hard in the chest and say “NO! OFF!!” Ask for the sit and instantly praise a good sit. This method means you may have to stop what you are doing and praise or correct, but that’s what owning Rottweilers is all about. This method works; the intelligence of your Rottie probably only requires you to do this several times before your dog begins to mind his or her manners. If you’re thinking there’s an awful lot of training needed and you’re wondering how you’ll find the time, you’re right: There is an awful lot of training required and you’re going to have to find the time and spend the time. Well-trained Rottweilers aren’t born, they become that way because of the time their owners spend on them and with them.

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