Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Australia


Rottweiler is a dog breed. There’s no exact information about the native land of Rottweiler, according to some sources its origin dates from the Rome’s empire. It is used as a pet and a hunt dog. According to others its native land is Germany. In the time of the First and the Second World War it is used as a guard dog.

Purpose of Rottweiler raising is creation of a harmonic, health and strong, powerful, responding to the race marks dog – companion, athletic and dog for work with the most physically and typical productivity. The aspiration of the master must be not only to increase the race number, but to keep and to harden the shape and the essence on a wide base.
By race marks we understand the grouping of characteristics and qualities of the competent union for raising. Every dog in this breed has to show these marks. Because of that it is taken as an example the perfect breed, called dog – etalon. Responsible for the determination, complement and specifying of the race marks is the general German club Rottweiler, Stuttgart. The rest countries, as far as they belong to the World Union (FCI) or they have an agreement with this union, they are obligated to keep the race marks of the nature, pointed from the country, from where the race is coming.

The nature of Rottweiler dog is composed of the combination of every inborn or gained physical and psychological qualities and abilities, which define and rule its attitude to the environment. As a temperament it’s a nice, peaceful, very attached, obedient, kind, and assiduous. The character, the desire for movement and action are on the middle level. Toward unpleasant influence it is tough, brave and with a steady nerves. Its sense-organs are expediently developed. Its ability for studying is excellent. It belongs to the powerful, moderate type. Because of its poor distrust, middle sharpness and high self-confidence it reacts to the influence calmly and waiting. The painful influence it is during without any fear and again calmly.


In calmly, not moving condition its tough body radiates strength, dexterity and endurance. Middle large, a massive dog, which is known by its middle – big head, highly expressed stop.

Nose mush: black colored nose mush and lips.
Teeth: scissors bite on the jaws, strong, full number – 42 teeth
Eyes: dark-brown, middle large almond – shaped
Ears: small, highly put and hanging. It has a powerful, strong neck.
Limbs: straighten, massive, in relief, strongly developed muscles. The paws are big, oval, with strong, vaulted fingers.
Tail: In calm situation –straight, naturally, hanging – nor low, nor highly put.
Hairy cover: it is short and thick, and it is composed by rough, thickly fitting hair. The skin is thick but elastic. Raising the dog in lower temperatures it develops thick hair, protecting from dampness and cold. The color is black, with red-brown lines (on the legs, the front part of the neck and breast, the lower part of the muzzle and above eyebrows).

Rottweilers are forbidden in some American States and some European countries.